materialx Sales Engine

Brokers can now engage their clients with online digital interfaces to offer, negotiate, and execute OTC transactions with minimal investment

Complement your brokerage business with an intuitive white label platform, customizable to your transactions and business processes.

Digital Transformation Made Easy

Grow revenues by deploying your branded single-dealer platform with materialx® Sales Engine. Unlock the potential of underserved markets by offering intuitive capabilities to negotiate, execute, and track financially settled OTC contracts directly in just a few clicks. Complement an existing brokerage business with a digital delivery platform without spending millions of dollars to build it from scratch. No need to defer your digital transformation plans any longer.

materialx Sales Engine Enables You to

Customize your client interfaces with your branding, business processes, and messaging

Configure your transaction type types, negotiation steps, and documentation

Deploy communication channels for market commentary and for announcing availability of hedging opportunities

Integrate with your legacy systems

Track and manage counterparty accounts and implement risk controls

Calculate transaction settlements using 3rd party data services

Automate transactional processes

A Digital Delivery Platform for OTC Brokers

Achieve digital transformation cost-effectively, minimizing time-to-market and risk

Effectively compete with companies that have larger IT budgets and resources by leveraging the materialx state-of-the-art platform

Attract and engage new clients and retain existing ones with customizable content available through the platform

Facilitate inquiries and ongoing communications with clients

Complement brokerage channels and enhance service levels

Scale your services as needed; The services offered to clients can grow over time

Getting Started

Contact us about how we can help your company grow and better serve your customers. You will be ready to launch a state-of-the-art solution for your market in a matter of weeks, configured to your business processes, and matching your company’s look and feel. Work with our team to configure your transaction types, negotiation protocols, commodities and their data sources, and any required connectivity with your risk and back-office systems. materialx is highly customizable and our resourceful team can offer you a tailored solution for your specific needs and environment.

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