Making Commodity Pricing Data Work For You

MaterialX is an intuitive platform that handles all the mechanics of commodity pricing data and makes it usable, understandable, and insightful

Our platform is built with you, the procurement, finance, or sales professional, in mind.
If you track commodity prices and forecasts for
planning negotiating indexing calculations or any other supply chain purposes,
MaterialX would make your job more rewarding​

Leverage automation, so you can focus on more valuable and strategic activities
Become recognized for your insights, not for menial work of managing massive spreadsheets
Visualize information of value to your stakeholders, regardless of the size of your organization
Establish yourself as a mentor, share impactful information

Innovation For Your Pricing Business Processes

Data And Insights Ready For Dissemination

Spend your time leveraging readily accessible visualization of historical and forward pricing instead of populating and maintaining massive spreadsheets. Enjoy analytics and valuable insights that will increase your knowledge and your ability to impact strategic decisions of your organization.

Automate Indexing Calculations

Manage your organization’s indexing and cost-adjustment calculations automatically. Ensure timeliness of data availability and accurate timestamping. Utilize the platform to easily adjust POs and invoices with pre-calculated monthly / quarterly prices. Analyze economic impact of indexing calculations.

Analyze Forecast Vs. Actual

MaterialX’s forecast accuracy rating algorithm to define your confidence in a forward curve. Furthermore, you can define the period to statistically analyze historical forward curves vs. actual outcomes. Always be ready to intelligently answer questions like “how accurate is your forecast?” or “what are you using to measure forecast accuracy?”.

Create Alerts

Set up alerts to establish your organizational awareness to meaningful pricing changes. Never miss a change in the trend of current market conditions or for a future delivery price.

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