Net Alpha Financial Systems, developer of the materialx software platform, was founded by two brothers with several decades of combined experience in the manufacturing and financial technology industries.

While managing companies that developed and commercialized new composite materials and other technologies in the automotive and other manufacturing industries, Eyal Mizrahi experienced firsthand how manufacturers were exposed to fluctuations in raw material pricing. He saw major gaps between the offerings of financial services companies and what manufacturers needed to protect themselves against such risks on a large scale.

He teamed up with his brother, Rami, who had a wealth of experience in financial technologies, having served as a COO of a major global proprietary trading fund and having developed and implemented IT systems on a large scale with some of the leading investment banks and financial exchanges.

Together with an extraordinary team of engineers, operations experts, and industry veterans, they are on a mission to connect the worlds of financial services and manufacturing. They aim to do so by developing software tools that make raw material price risk hedging accessible to all, and by teaming up with leading brokers to offer such tools to underserved markets.

The company is headquartered in the Metro Detroit area, with an R&D subsidiary in Netanya, Israel.

Management Team

Eyal Mizrahi

CEO and Co-Founder

Rami Mizrahi

COO and Co-Founder

Dani Goland


Michael Pedersen

VP Market Operations

Dr. Tamir Shalom

VP Research

Dekel Yossef

VP Engineering